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Jewelry Care

:: D A I L Y  J E W E L R Y  C A R E ::

To keep your handcrafted jewelry clean and in good condition, gently wipe off residues and oils with a soft, 100% lint-free cloth after each wearing.

Always apply hair spray, perfume, make-up or other products prior to putting on jewelry to prevent damage to softer stones and build-up on your jewelry.

If your jewelry becomes heavily soiled, you may wipe down the jewelry with warm water and a mild liquid soap.

Rinse thoroughly and allow your jewelry to dry completely on a lint-free cloth before re-storing it in your bags.


:: S T E R L I N G  S I L V E R  J E W E L R Y  CA R E ::

Sterling silver naturally tarnishes over time -- you cannot completely prevent this from happening.

To help prevent sterling silver from tarnishing, place jewelry back in plastic zip-lock bag (as shipped to you). This will also prevent soft stones and metals from being scratched by harder stones.

To remove excessive tarnish from sterling, use a jeweler's polishing cloth.  Use of a home ultrasonic cleaner is NOT recommended for our jewelry designs - stones can be damaged.




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